Ring the Cowbell

When I was younger I played softball. Geared in tight spandex with a hot pink aluminum bat, I was more concerned with how my hair looked in the god-awful hat I had to wear than my ERA. (Don’t be impressed that I know what that stands for; I grew up in a family that lived and breathed baseball. I ...
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5 Things Parenting Taught Me About God

Becoming a mom hasn’t been what I expected. Sure, I knew there would be sleepless nights, blowouts and crying. There would be oodles of snuggles, kisses and laughter (non of which I will ever get enough of), but I have been overwhelmed at what parenting has taught me about God, my Father.

Here ...
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Surprised by My Daughter

Imagine a strawberry cheesecake without cream cheese. Or brownies cooked without oil. (Hint: they will look normal but actually be as hard as bricks. Trust me.)

So, what ingredients make friendships delicious? And if omitted would leave them bland and hard to swallow? Certainly time.

This ...
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Lullabies and Groaning

The hospital is a crazy place of beginnings and endings. This one has a tradition of playing Lullaby over the public announcement system every time a new baby is born. The tune is in sharp contrast to the groans and grimaces of my father-in-law. Nearly a year to the day that my mother-in-law passed ...
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