The Redbud Writers Guild is home to a diverse community of Christian women writers. We are poets, novelists, journalists, bloggers, and authors. Some of us have multiple books and/or hundreds of published articles to our credit, while others of us are still growing our writing skills and career. All of us love Jesus and want to use our words – our voices – to make a difference in the world. Writing can be a lonely and sometimes intimidating pursuit, which is why we believe so strongly in community. We provide each other with support, encouragement, networking opportunities, prayer, and a spirit of non-competition in which all members, no matter their stage in the writing journey, are valued.

If you are interested in being a part of such a community, we welcome you to submit an application using the link below to access our membership application form. An application fee of $100, along with the first year’s annual dues of $75 will not be required until after you have been accepted into membership.